After A 328 Day Space Mission, An Astronaut and Her Dog Reunite in The Most Emotional Reunion Ever

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Their reunion was so adorable and lovely. The moment that LBD saw her coming from the window, she couldn’t contain her excitement at all; LBD was wagging her tail constantly and was very happy as Christina approached.

As Christina walked in, LBD greets Christina with lots of face-licking and tail wagging. She was so happy that she wouldn’t stop and was circling Christina. LBD was so excited to finally see her after a very long time.

Christina had made sure to capture this exact moment so she put a camera in the house to get this special interaction.

Later, she shared this video on Twitter with a caption “Not sure who was more excited. Glad she remembers me after a year!”

Here is the video of the heartwarming reunion:

A dog’s love for their dog’s parent is unconditional. It is one of the purest love in the world.

LBD is proof of a dog’s loyalty and love; she didn’t forget Christina at all regardless of the time. She was so happy to see her dog parent and showed her how much she missed her.

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