After A 328 Day Space Mission, An Astronaut and Her Dog Reunite in The Most Emotional Reunion Ever

Christina Koch, a NASA astronaut, has recently returned to Earth after being in space for 328 days. This journey in space breaks the record for the longest single spaceflight by a woman.

While being in the International Space Station, she completed six spacewalks which include the first all-female spacewalk with astronaut Jessica Meir.

After returning to Earth, she is adapting to and enjoying her life on Earth. However, she is still getting used to balancing herself more easily.

She also experiences sore muscles because she was in a weightless environment in space that is different than that on Earth.

Regardless of these challenges, she is really grateful to see her family, friends, and her dog.

Her dog whose name is LBD stands for Little Brown Dog.

“We call her LBD, Little Brown Dog. She’s from the Humane Society and she couldn’t be sweeter,” Koch said.

LBD was one of her major highlights when she came back to Earth especially when they first reunited after almost a year.

So, how did Christina and LBD reunite?

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