An Employee Picked Up a Dog By The Collar, Slammed Him Down, And Threatened To break Its Neck.

A video posted by  Isabella Anzivino, according to The Charlotte Observer, showing a very aggressive employee picking up a dog by his own collar, slamming him down and threatening him that she is going to break his neck.

She shouted at him saying: ” I will break your F****** neck. Do you hear me?”

Credit: The Charlotte Observer.

The video went viral in no time, and people felt angry and disappointed, too. Also, some of them got scared that their own dog can be in that poor dog’s place one day.

According to The Charlotte Observer, Officers with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Animal Care and Control Division took the video seriously, and now investigating, the employer is temporarily suspended, and the facility has suspended operations, plus, all dogs are going to be returned to their owners until the process of the investigations ends.

Ghada Harhash

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