A Dying and Sick Puppy Was Abandoned On A Road During Storm Ciara

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A dying puppy who thought to be 16 to 18 weeks old was found at a road on Cornforth Lane, outside Ferryhill.

She was found by two teenage boys who luckily saw her and rescued her.

This Lurcher dog was then taken to Stray Aid Animal Charity in County in Durham to get treated and make sure that she is okay.

However, she was severely sick testing positive for parvovirus, a severe and highly contagious virus that attacks the intestines of dogs.

It can cause dogs to die if left untreated especially for puppies.

Also, the dog’s body couldn’t take it anymore so she collapsed and was non-responsive to getting treated.

Storm Ciara caused the weather to be really cold with heavy rain and really low temperatures that badly affected the puppy.

“The weather was absolutely horrendous on Sunday when this poor puppy was found, collapsed and dying, just down the road from Stray Aid.” said RSPCA deputy chief inspector Emma Stainthorpe

So, what did the vets do?

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