A Pair Of Pugs Were “Cooked To Death” After Their Owner Left Them For Eight Hours In A Tent.

After long awful eight hours, zipped inside a tent, on 34C summer day. The two poor pugs Millie and Tito passed away leaving us to wonder what is wrong with the world!

TJ Gregory and Sarah Henniker, the two dog owners, left these poor dogs in the tent they were staying int Martello Bay Holiday Park in Jaywick, Essex, according to the Independent, and when they came back, they found out that the two dogs are dead.

Credit: Independent

After realizing that they are dear, the dog owner wrapped them in a sleeping bag to bury them later. However, the security staff took care of it by alerting the authorities. And, when the couple was asked about what really happened, they told them the truth.

According to the Independent, the judge handed the couple 18-month community orders, not just that, but also with 160 hours of unpaid work each. Also, both of them have been banned from keeping animals for five years.

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