A Dog Was Burned with Lye Eating His Skin, Will the Abuser Get What He Deserves?

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A man is accused of spraying a toxic chemical, lye, at a small Maltese mix dog. Lye is a very dangerous chemical that can cause severe damage to the skin.

The poor dog was fighting for his life with so much pain and suffering. Luckily, the dog was found and taken to the Madison Police Department although he was in a critical condition.

The police then contacted Pound Pet Inc., an animal rescue group in Granite City, who took the 10-year-old Maltese dog, Charlie, to a Veterinary Specialty Services in Manchester, Missouri.

Because of his severe damage in his skin, he was placed in intensive care.

Credited: Pound Pets Inc.

In a Facebook post, Pound Pets Inc. wrote about how they knew about Charlie’s case.

“We received a call from someone reporting he had lye poured on him 2 DAYS ago and had not been taken to a vet!! He was just laying there suffering. It is eating his skin.”

They are currently treating Charlie so his health can be restored back again.

“The vet said Charlie took a few steps today but they want to limit that right now. But it’s a very good sign, He’s a survivor. Charlie still has 50/50 chance of survival. Burns are very serious and can lead to other issues.” Pound Pets said

So, what happened to the abuser?

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