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15 Great Cyber Monday Deals on Things Every Dog Owner Should Have!

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15 Great Cyber Monday Deals on Things Every Dog Owner Should Have!

It is Cyber Monday, so it is time for you to get all of the things that you should own to improve your pooch’s quality of life.

Today I will be sharing with you fifteen different Cyber Monday deals that every dog owner should have. Ten of these include the following:

  • A de-matting and shedding comb 
  • Brushes that suits your dog’s hair and coat type
  • A good dog nail grinder
  • A good pet vacuum 
  • A reusable pee pad
  • A safe gate for pets
  • The Furbo Dog Camera
  • The Dog Finger Toothbrush
  • A soft crate for hiking and other purposes
  • A portable food and water storage

Deal number 1: A De-matting and Shedding Comb

De-matting and shedding comb

Combs are usually reserved for de-matting purposes and shedded hair removal purposes. A de-matting and shedding comb breaks up your pooch’s matted fur as well as it removes your dog’s hair that is already loose.

I can stress enough how important it is for every dog owner to own at least one de-matting and shedding hair comb. This comb ensures that your four-legged best friend’s hair is healthy. It also reduces the amount of hair that is shedded.

Does your dog have straight hair and their gorgeous hair often gets matted, and they often shed? Then you should check out the  De-matting and Shedding Comb, which you could get for 25% off when you use the coupon: SMMADNESS

Deal number 2: The GoPets Professional Double Sided Pin and Bristle Brush 

Brushes are yet another essential grooming tool that every pet owner should have. The trick is to make sure that you get a brush that suits your dog’s hair and coat type.

If you have more than one dog, where one of them is a medium coat breed, and the other is a short coat breed, then GoPets Professional Double Sided Pin and Bristle Brush is perfect for you.

The pin side is for dogs who have a medium coat, while the bristle brush is soft enough to be used on dogs who have a short coat.

Don’t miss out on maintaining your dogs’ healthy hair by getting them this 2in1 GoPets Professional Double Sided Pin and Bristle Brush.

Deal number 3: The Shark APEX Upright Zero-M Vacuum

Regular vacuums just don’t make that big of a difference when it comes to cleaning the house if you are a pet owner. We all love our four-legged best friends, but we all know the struggle of getting their beautiful hair off of the floor, carpets, and even furniture.

That is why there are vacuums that were created for that specific purpose.

The best must have a sealed system with HEPA filters, allow you to switch between different suction levels, have the power lift mode so you can clean hard to reach places, and prevents the collected hair from getting stuck to the vacuum’s bristles.

Do you want a super vacuum like that, well it is time to grab the Shark APEX Upright Zero-M Vacuum while it is discounted during Cyber Monday!

Deal number 4: Magic Gate Portable Folding Safe Guard For Pets

Magic Gate Portable Folding Safe Guard For Pets

Adopting a new puppy is a very huge responsibility.

Your pooch is definitely going to make your life better, but there are a few things that you should keep in mind while doing so, like making sure that they stay away from rooms that might be hazardous for them when you are not right next to them.

So make sure that your dog stays safe or prevent them from having potty accidents all over your hour by getting and setting up the Magic Gate Portable Folding Safe Guard For PetsYou can get it for 25% off when you use the coupon: SMMADNESS.

 Deal number 5:  PADSMART™, the washable fashionable reusable pee pad

PADSMART™- The washable fashion

If you have a puppy or an untrained dog and you are looking for a tool to use to pee pad train them, but you are worried about your carbon footprint, then don’t worry because I have got the perfect solution for you, which is using a reusable pee pad.

The PADSMART™, the washable fashionable reusable pee pad is going to hold up the bad odor, prevent leakage, and is machine washable. You can get it for 25% off when you use the coupon: SMMADNESS.

 Deal number 6: The Furbo Dog Camera

If you are a dog owner who works for long hours, or if you have a partner that is rarely home for any purposes_ they’re deployed, but you wish there were a way for both of you to communicate and play with your pooch, then this is your lucky day!

The Furbo Dog Camera doubles as a treat tosser as well.

With it, you can communicate with your dog via the phone app, talk to them, listen to them, and even toss them a few treats as well. This is a must-have item that every pet owner should have to always check up on their beloved pooch!

The Furbo Dog Camera is currently discounted because it is Cyber Monday, so make sure that you added to your cart and get it for your pooch!

Deal number 7: The Dog Finger Toothbrush

Finger Toothbrush for dogs

Your dog’s bad dental hygiene could leave in so much pain and could cause them to lose their teeth. Because prevention is better than cure, you should brush your dog’s teeth daily. But how could you perform such a tedious task in a manageable way?

The answer is to use the Dog Finger Toothbrush because it is going to make this tedious task doable every single day. You can get it for 25% off when you use the coupon: SMMADNESS.

Deal number 8: Pet warming Bed

A dog sleeping on the pet warming bed

The weather these days is very cold, so every responsible pet owner should have a comfy and cozy bed for their beloved four-legged best friend. I know that big comfortable beds are hard to find, but I have got your back as always.

The pet warming bed is made of hard-wearing material, so it is going to last you a long time, and it is also breathable. You can get it for 25% off when you use the coupon: SMMADNESS.

Deal number 9: PAWGRND™- USB Rechargeable Safe Dog Nail Grinder 

A dog sitting next to the pet nail grinder

If your dog has black nails, or you are scared of using a nail clipper on your pooch, but you know that you can not ignore their long nails because it could harm them later on when they slip because of it, and you are wondering what you should do about this, then this item is a must for you.

The PAWGRND™: The Safe Pet Nail Grinder will prevent you from accidentally clipping off your dog’s nails too short because it simply slowly grinds the nail. You can get it for 25% off when you use the coupon: SMMADNESS.

Deal number 10: The Go Pet Club Soft Crate for camping and other purposes

If you want to have a crate that you can use indoors as well as outdoors, then soft crates are the way to go. They are bigger and more comfortable for our four-legged best friends than plastic and metal crates.

Do you need to take your beloved dog to an outdoors workshop that you’re running, or you want them to have a safe and comfy place to sleep in when you go camping with them? Then the Go Pet Club Soft Crate is something that you should get this Cyber Monday!

Deal number 11: Paw Print Pet Mat

A collage of the paw print mat with dogs sleeping on it

A good dog owner should never leave their pooch’s crate empty and without any sorts of comfortable bedding, which why having a pet mat is so important.

A pet mat is not only comfy and soft, but it is also cozy and perfect for the sweater weathers because it is going to keep your pooch warm as well.

Make your dog’s crate have a pop of color and be more comfy and cozy for your pooch by getting them the Paw Print Pet Mat for 25% OFF when you use the coupon: SMMADNESS.

Deal number 12: A Summer Cooling Pad Gel

Cooling Gel Pad for Pets

Many dogs die every summer and during warm weather due to heat strokes. If you live in an area where it ever gets warm, then you should always be prepared and do what you can to avoid that.

One way of combatting a heat stroke is using the Summer Cooling Pad Gel, which you can get it for 25% off when you use the coupon: SMMADNESS.

Deal number 13: A Dog Cooling Vest

A smiling dog wearing a dog cooling vest

Using a cooling pad gel is excellent at combatting heat strokes when used at home or in a crate, but what if your dog has to walk outside for whatever reason on a warm day?

Another great item that you can use to prevent your dog from getting a heat stroke is making them wear the Dog Cooling Vest, which you can get it for 25% off when you use the coupon: SMMADNESS.

Deal number 14: A portable food and water storage

portable pet food & water storage

A great pet parent always has water and food with them for their beloved pooches when they go on a hike together, but carrying a bowl for each when going on a walk is very inconvenient. So, what should you do?

Use the portable food and water storage, of course! This will allow you to feed and hydrate your dog wherever you are effortlessly and conveniently, so make sure that you get for 25% off when you use the coupon: SMMADNESS.

Deal number 15: The Embark | Dog DNA Test

DNA tests allow people to learn more about who they are and what kind of diseases they are more susceptible too, but did you know that there are DNA tests for dogs as well?

Thanks to Cyber Monday, you are going to be able to get Embark the Dog DNA Test at a discounted price and be able to learn more about your dog’s breed and screen them for certain diseases.

That’s it for today’s post. Make sure to get everything you need to improve your four-legged best friend’s quality of life this Cyber Monday. 

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